We should celebrate, not mourn, the cancellation of exams

“Surely now is the golden opportunity for schools, untrammelled by all that gruesome nomenclature of ‘exam specification’, ‘assessment objective’, ‘rubrics’ and so on, to set their pupils’ ‘love of learning’ truly ablaze.”

Full piece published on Medium here.

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I run Keystone Tutors, and a summer nature + creativity camp called The Imaginarium.

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  1. Good morning Will

    Couldn’t agree more! Also, may I make the point, as I did in a letter to The Times, that for the very first time, teachers are being consulted as to what the pupils should achieve based on at least 2 years of knowledge of the student-and, in most cases, more. This important element must continue if we, sadly, return to the “old normal.”

    Very best wishes

    Paul ________________________________

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