Episode # 7, Hugh Gammell, House Master and ex-Registrar, Charterhouse

In Episode 7 of my Education podcast, I interview Hugh Gammell.

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Hugh was educated at Cheam School, Marlborough College and then read History at Cambridge. He taught History in a Grammar School in Watford before joining Charterhouse in 1978, where he stayed until his retirement in 2016. He now does voluntary work for the Mark Evison Foundation and is a Dragon for the National Citizen Service.

The interview was recorded in a restaurant and I’m afraid the sound quality is not good. However, you get into the groove after a few minutes and I hope it remains intelligible.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • His reflections as a housemaster at Charterhouse and the vocation of being a teacher
  • Teaching teenagers from the 1970s to today. What has changed and what hasn’t?
  • Teenage rebellion & risk taking & the conformism of children today
  • The mavericks and misfits who “make a difference”
  • The former pupils who have made him proud
  • The importance for children of having non-academic interests
  • Specialisation – studying history for its own sake
  • Boarding, independent schools and their place in society today
  • Mobile phones and the curse of technology today

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